Trail Conditions

An additional 10cm of sticky snow fell on the trails overnight. The air was cooling and the moon came out as we left this evening. All trails were packed and track-set today in preparation for Sunday's Troll Loppet.

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Trail Grooming / Track Setting Report

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Ski Trail Grooming / Tracking Level

Date Last Groomed / Status

(Generally Updated Early Evening)

Single Tracked Double Tracked Groomed Only
Ben Shaw   X   Jan. 19
Booty's   X   Jan. 19
Short Loop Crossing X     Jan. 19
Mid Loop Crossing X     Jan. 19
Mud Lake Loop   X*   Jan. 19
Rossland-Paulson (Ben Shaw to Huckleberry Jct.)



  Jan. 19
Rossland-Paulson (Huckleberry Jct. to Glenmerry) X     Jan. 19
Rossland-Paulson (Glenmerry to Norwegian)   X   Jan. 19
Zig-Zag X     Jan. 19
Roller Coaster     X Jan. 19
Connector X     Jan. 19
Glenmerry Road (Parking lot to GM Shelter)   X   Jan. 19
Lamb     X Jan. 19
Ivar X     Jan. 19
Norwegian X     Jan. 19
Gloryview X     Jan. 19
Pine   X*   Jan. 19
Snowberry X     Jan. 19
Seal Creek X     Jan. 19
Old Growth X     Jan. 19
Ridge (Lower Section)     X Jan. 19
Huckleberry   X   Jan. 19
Winterberry X     Jan. 19


* Parts of these trails are set to different levels (i.e., part single tracked, part double tracked.

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